How to set up Shadowsocks on Android

Step 1. Download and install the client application for Android OS.

Step 2. Run Shadowsocks.

You will be able to run Shadowsocks by clicking on the following icon in the app:

Setup Shadowsocks on Android

At the first run you will have a default server setup which you can delete safely remaining with the following:

How to setup Shadowsocks on Android

Step 3. The configuration.

Configure the client to connect to the server by tapping the "+" Icon and following these settings:

How to setup Shadowsocks on Android

Step 4. Tap on the server you have just added to select it.

After selecting the server, you will notice a green bar next to the server.

Shadowsocks for Android

Step 5. Tap on the Grey crossed Shadowsocks icon to enable Shadowsocks.

Configure Shadowsocks for Android

Your setup is ready now. Enjoy using Shadowsocks on Android.